I teach new, experienced and expectant moms to make sustainable, healthy lifestyle choices + exercise safely.

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About Twenty Toes Fitness

Twenty Toes Fitness offers online and in-person coaching to new, experienced and expectant mamas. We help moms find their fitness, strengthen their core muscles safely and make sustainable, healthy lifestyle choices.  We give them the tools they need to look + feel ah-mazing.  The way you deserve to feel! 

We believe in fitness through community and connection. We will push you to challenge yourself, but to work at your own pace and level. We embrace the idea that beauty, fitness and self-worth are individual ideals and strive to empower each woman to discover her best self. We set personal goals and celebrate our victories – each one deserves its own parade! At Twenty Toes Fitness, we love life, sweat and lunges.

Why do our clients love working out with Twenty Toes Fitness?

  • Tighter buns 60%

  • Weekly dose of awesomeness 30%

  • Because I know I would have been the first to die in Hunger games 10%