Danielle A. says:

Bootcamp workouts with Justine are always something to look forward to and I definitely wouldn’t describe myself as athletic or highly motivated when it comes to working out.  But Justine’s positive and fun attitude as well as her creative and ever-changing workouts make the 60 minutes fly by and before you know it “real” push-ups are no longer considered impossible! I cannot wait for summer bootcamps in the park to start again. 

Marni T. says:

Initially I did bootcamp classes twice a week with Justine and subsequently, I started doing personal training with her.  Over the course of 20 weeks, I lost almost 20 pounds, dropped 2 dress sizes and generally was stronger, more toned and had more energy than I ever did before.   The workouts are intense and challenging but Justine makes it fun so that the time just flies by.  If you are serious about getting in shape, consider working out with Justine an investment in yourself that is worth every penny.  

Jen M. says:

Twenty Toes Fitness got my butt into gear with personal training sessions that helped me lose 15lbs of leftover baby weight. Justine was incredibly supportive, fun, and intuitively knew how much to challenge me. I looked forward to our sessions and began seeing results very quickly! I feel stronger and am more confident performing strength training exercises on my own. Thanks, Twenty Toes – I can now fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans!! 

Judy B. says:

Don’t let the name Boot Camp scare you. For anyone imagining doing push-ups in the mud while a drill sergeant yells at you, it’s not that kind of boot camp. But it is a good hard workout with a trainer who wants you to succeed and will push you to do so. She may look small, but don’t underestimate Justine! Every workout is tough enough to leave you sweating (a lot!), but still leave you wanting more. I do. I am signing up for next session!

Stacey W. says:

My experience with Justine was nothing short of fantastic!  Her stroller fit class was fun, engaging, challenging, and best of all, allowed me to bring my baby along for the ride!  Her class gave me a way to reintroduce fitness into my life post-baby.  Justine changed the workouts each week, bringing new challenges and experiences each time.  I loved my first run with Twenty Toes Fitness, and can’t wait for the next session!

Tamara K. says:

Working out with Justine is a totally intense experience. She’s fun, knows how and when to push me and doesn’t let me off easy… I only wish that I had started working with her earlier. I just took a bunch of dresses to the tailor to have taken in – a total credit to her! 

Ora M. says:

Working out with Justine is an incredible experience! As a new mom it was incredibly intimidating to start working out again. Justine is completely welcoming and eased any concerns I had about working out with the baby around. Her post-baby workouts are a wonderful way to meet other new moms and get back into pre-baby shape.  Justine constantly challenges me to work harder than I thought possible and upbeat attitude is the perfect motivation to get me moving. Each and every week I look forward to Justine’s classes! 

Daniella D. says:

Twenty Toes Fitness is amazing! Justine definitely keeps me on my toes with new workouts weekly. I noticed a huge difference just after only a few classes. I look forward to my workouts and will recommend her to anyone who wants to get into shape and have fun doing it! 

Lauren S. says:

Justine is a wonderful instructor. even with the inherent chaos that comes with teaching mom+baby classes, she is able to keep on track and is unphased by any disruptions.

Ashley E. says:

Thanks for kicking my butt this session. My legs don’t  feel nearly as sore today as last week and push ups are actually getting easier (is that possible?!?!) I never doubted your classes would be awesome but never expected to enjoy them as much as I did!

Genevieve R. says:

I enjoyed working out with Twenty Toes Fitness and really appreciated that I could bring my baby to class. It was the perfect work-out to get back into shape after having my baby, especially in the middle of the winter. Justine changed the circuits every week which kept the class fun and challenging. I would sign up again without hesitation!

Shauna W. says:

Justine’s workouts are perfect for the post maternity mom – she helps you build your strength and endurance to get you back into the exercising groove. Bottom line: I was back in my old jeans after five classes. That’s record timing for me and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without these amazing classes!  

Lindsay C. says:

Justine is a powerhouse! Don’t mistake her petite frame and welcoming smile – this woman will kick your butt! Her workouts are a combination of aerobic and strength training and always leave me feeling stronger than when I walked in. Being able to bring my son with me and get a fantastic workout at the same time is priceless. I’d highly recommend Twenty Toes Fitness to any mom looking to get a great workout in without having to leave her little one behind.  

Julie J. says:

I’ve really enjoyed working out with Twenty Toes Fitness. Justine is fun and energetic, and she knows exactly when to push me a little harder. Her post natal circuit class kicked my butt, but definitely made me stronger. My baby loved watching us mommies sweat it out, as well as playing with the other babies. I would highly recommend this class to any new mom, even if it’s your first time joining a fitness program like this. It was a very non-intimidating experience.

Rachel L. says:

I started an exercise class with twenty toes fitness when my baby was just 5 weeks old and it has been amazing!!! It was so great not only to get out each week and exercise but also to have the opportunity to meet new moms and their babies in a baby friendly setting. Justine is a wonderful and knowledgeable trainer. She tailored each class to meet the needs of all of those involved and she always provided variations on exercises to accommodate the different fitness levels within the class.  Each class was different and more challenging than the last but most importantly they were fun, made me feel great and I always left sweating!! I can’t wait for the next one!! 

Rosie P. says:

Thanks for a wonderful session! The classes were very invigorating and pushed us that extra little bit. Your patience and attention to our group was great. 

Helaina C. says:

I have never been one to take a fitness class. After I had my son I wanted to be social so I joined a stroller-fit class with Twenty Toes. I met some great people; got some fresh air at the same time and I gained an entirely new perspective on how I should be exercising. What else can a postpartum mother ask for?   

Sara V. says:

I always have lots of fun working out with Twenty Toes and my Bubbi group (Grandmas)! Justine is very personable, knowledgeable and creative in building programs that are challenging, but flexible. She always gives us modifications to accommodate the different levels in the group.  Looking forward to the next session!