What promises have you made for 2018?

Goals, Intentions, Resolutions, a word or phrase – whatever you promised yourself for this year, how’s it going for you? While I totally believe that any day is a great day to get started with making positive change, as a I coach I also feel that we should ride the motivation wave when possible, which includes New Years.  However, by … Read More

The truth about 2017

They say that social media gives us the highlight reel, and they’re right. My coach friends laugh because ‘nobody’s struggling on the internet,’ which is a total lie. It’s all a perfectly posed highlight reel. Some thoughts on that: I value positivity, almost above all else and I know that having a positive outlook doesn’t happen (for me) by accident. … Read More

What I’m listening to now

This past holiday weekend included many hours of travel for me and the fam on our way to Tel Aviv, Israel via Warsaw, Poland. It was quite the trek, with many hours to entertain ourselves on the journey. While my kids were downloading Super Monsters and PJ Masks, I’ve been pumped about finally getting to listen to all of the … Read More

Gratitude Matters

Gratitude Matters. It really does. The idea of practicing gratitude isn’t just a space-taker-upper or a catch phrase, it’s an outlook shifter. Every week in the 365 Tribe, we take a day for gratitude, to name what we’re grateful for in our lives right now, today. It may sound a little woo woo and out there, but the truth is … Read More

The Gift of Presence

Someone recently suggested to me that I need to work on being more mindful, more checked in and more present. Ouch, am I right? If you’ve been reading my work for a while, then you know that I don’t try to portray myself and my life as being perfect. Certainly not in the way I eat, or move and this … Read More

Weekend Eating Deconstructed

The weekend is here! It’s time to relax and unwind, and for many (most?!) of us that definitely has some association with treating ourselves with food. Sometimes one treat or ‘cheat’ easily turns into an entire weekend of overindulgence, which leaves us feeling full of frustration, experiencing physical discomfort and even feeling lots of guilt by Sunday night. We vow … Read More

Willpower will only get you so far…

Truth: Resisting repeated temptation this holiday season will take a mental and emotional toll on you. Tying to rely on willpower alone can only take you so far. Earlier today in the 365 Tribe closed Facebook group we were chatting about navigating holiday indulgence with tools and strategies so that we can actually *enjoy* the season from an empowered perspective. … Read More

I just got rid of my skinny jeans…an AHA! moment

Last week I sent out an email to my inner circle about how I’d just decided to get rid of all of my skinny jeans during an early summer, er spring cleaning. It seemed to really resonate so I want to share it here. If you don’t get my newsletter and you’d like to get the inside scoop, sign up … Read More

Best Ever Overnight Oats Recipe

Just in time for summer, I’ve stumbled onto the most delicious overnight oats recipe: creamy, cold and perfect for summer! I was loyal to the Oh She Glows overnight oats recipe for years, also super delicious, but then I stumbled onto this it when one of my No Nonsense Nutrition clients shared this Coconut Cream Pie Chia Overnight Oats recipe from Flavor … Read More

Aligning Our Actions with Our Intentions

In a recent newsletter I was describing the range of goals that women tell me that they’re working towards: everything from I want to strengthen, improve flexibility, get more toned, strengthen the core, flatten my tummy or lose weight. In my mind, your goal is always valid, it’s never my job to tell you what’s important to you. In addition … Read More