Rebel Against the One-Size-Fits-All Definition of Fit and Healthy

Tuesday, July 24, 2012 Rebel Against the One-Size-Fits-All Definition of Fit & Healthy By Pamela Peeke, MD Tired of someone else telling you what fit, beautiful/handsome, or healthy looks like? Every day, the media bombards us with images of their biased take on buffed and chisel-fit bodies. When WebMD members begin their journey from an unhealthy/unfit starting point to one … Read More

Hello & Welcome!

Welcome to Twenty Toes Fitness! We believe in fitness through community and connection. We embrace the idea that beauty, fitness and self-worth are individual ideals and strive to empower each woman to discover her best self. We set personal goals and celebrate our victories – each one deserves its own parade! We love life, sweat and lunges. This blog is … Read More

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De Gustibus (Et Coloribus) Non Est Disputandum

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