Body Image: Rewriting Old Stories

In last week’s newsletter, I was chatting all about the stories we tell ourselves about our bodies and how those stories can hold us back. As always, I get super-personal in my newsletter and I shared some of the stories I’ve told myself over the years that have held me back from my own goals and happiness. The stories we … Read More

Valentine’s Day Recap: Detaching from Outcomes

Have you ever had an experience where you romanticize something, but then in practice, it turns out really nothing like what you’d imagined in your head? On Tuesday morning, Valentines day, I was in the gym and everyone was talking about their Valentines day plans. Plans ranged from VIP movie nights with wine, to fun, hipster restaurant dates to super-fancy … Read More

Carbs & Cravings

I can’t even tell you how often women tell me they struggle with managing their carbohydrate intake. I hear the word ‘carbo-holic’ on a weekly basis and I’m constantly being told by my women that carbs are their weakness or that they just can’t control themselves with carbs once they start. I want you to know: carbs are NOT our … Read More

More Isn’t Always Better

We have this mentality that more extreme is better. Do more cardio, find the hardest fitness class and sweat like crazy for 60 minutes or it doesn’t feel like a workout, go the gym as often as possible, push harder, lift more, eat less, restrict more. We get sucked into this mentality of more is better, it helps us reach … Read More

The Grind – Revisited.

The kids are back at school, winter break is over and it’s back to the grind this week! We were away on a family road trip last week – so much fun, so tiring! We were totally out of routine: no naps, lots of car rides, exclusively eating in restaurants, car-snacking and truthfully prioritizing fun and family. It happens and … Read More

Rebounding from Indulgence

I wanted to share with you a quote by my coach, Jill Coleman, that resonated with me big-time: “Using one food slip up to justify a binge is like getting a crack in your phone screen and then throwing it on the ground and stomping it.” YES! We always have choices. I should start by saying I don’t even necessarily … Read More

Waiting for the right time

Back to school, what a week so far! Somehow those leisurely summer mornings seem like a distant memory and we’re back into the routine of the school year. Literally yesterday I was telling Ace that I was kind of looking forward to getting back into routine, my busiest time of year has passed and I can finally have a little … Read More

The things that matter

All the noise and nonsense out there in internet-land about healthy eating can be dizzying and confusing and can totally stop us in our tracks. It can be overwhelming and make us feel confused and inadequate. Some examples of what I consider to be nonsense: waist trainers to ‘make our midsections smaller’, shake-based diets, any diet that isn’t customized to … Read More

You’re acing your health and fitness if…

I’ve traveled a fair bit in my life, mostly pre-kids, and truthfully I’m not the best at it. I’m a horrible over packer and I get really stressed out about it, I don’t love to fly and while I love discovering new places, I definitely love the comfort and familiarity of home. As I sit here on a plane waiting … Read More

Why do we care about protein, anyways?

This week in some of my No Nonsense Nutrition Coaching ladies are starting to focus on eating lean protein at every meal. This is a habit that’s super-important, and I spent years feeling confused about how to achieve it. What are the best sources of protein? How do I know if I’m getting enough? And truthfully, I didn’t even like … Read More