The Practice of Healthyish

In last week’s newsletter, I showed my inner circle exactly what I purchased in my grocery haul and shared my meal planning for that week. If you’ve been reading my stuff for a while, you know know that I’m a big fan of imperfect eating. You’re thinking: whaaat? That makes no sense, right? It’s true though; I call it Healthyish. If … Read More

Super Simple Weeknight Meals: Turkey + Broccoli Stirfry

Earlier this week I showed my inner circle exactly what I bought in this week’s grocery haul and I also told them what my weekly plan is for this week’s meals.  My inner circle gets all of my best stuff every Monday. If you’re not on the list, you can sign up here. I got a few requests to share … Read More

What’s the deal with Planks?

Here’s a question that came to me from one of my new mamas, and I thought it was worth a share. It still drives me bananas when I hear that fit pros are running classes for new moms that include front loaded planks or that they have no idea how to accommodate mamas’ questions about diastasis recti (abdominal separation). What’s … Read More

Recharging in order to Engage

This past Monday I sent out a newsletter to my inner circle talking about allowing ourselves to recharge in order to bring focus back into our lives. Lots of my mamas thanked me for saying something that they really needed to hear, so I wanted to share some of my thoughts on the topic. All of my best stuff goes … Read More

Why I Quit Crunches

Hey Mamas, This week I’m talking about the infamous crunch. I’ve done plenty of crunches in my day, most of us have.  We’ve done them in classes and in our own solo workouts in a misguided hope that the more crunches we do the flatter our tummies will be. If your goal is a flatter and stronger tummy, then crunches … Read More

Busy Mama Struggle: How on Earth Do I Fit it All In?

Here’s one of the main struggles you guys have shared with me recently: “How on earth do I fit it all in? I’m super busy with my career and family and I find it nearly impossible to do what I need to do to make progress with my goals.” I hear you guys, and trust me, there are days that … Read More

6 Steps to Weekly Meal Planning

If you know me or work with me, then you know I’m really into weekly meal planning. It’s a practical little step in my week that helps keep me on track with healthy(ish) eating.  In Monday’s newsletter I was telling my ladies about some good meal planning that went terribly wrong last week.  I save my best (and most embarrassing) … Read More

Eat These Pancakes…

I’ve been searching for a pancake recipe that I feel good about serving to my family.  They want Aunt Jemima, and I want something healthy. I’m doing my best to meet them somewhere in the middle where healthy overlaps with delicious.  Many of the ‘healthy’ recipes I’ve come across are basically a glorified omelet and aren’t pancake-y at all. Let … Read More

Learning to Navigate the Space Between Obsessive Eating and Impulsive Eating

This week I want to give you guys a practical way of reevaluating the way we eat.  The goal here is to learn how to navigate the space between obsessive, strict eating and impulsive, overindulgence to get to a place of balance, moderation and ENJOYMENT.  Because, if we’re not enjoying the way we’re eating, then what’s the point?! This is a … Read More

Training Your Lady Parts: How do I even know if I’m doing a Kegel?

This topic can be frustrating sometimes, I know!  There have been times in my life when I’ve had difficulty myself in connecting to my deep core. There were two times in my life when I had experienced urinary incontinence due to illness and injury. I hear these issues regularly:  I don’t even know if I’m doing a kegel. I have … Read More