I’m beyond excited to finally share No Nonsense Nutrition Coaching, powered by Precision Nutrition’s ProCoach software. No Nonsense Nutrition Coaching: Easy, Enjoyable and Results-driven nutrition for women who are ready to level up and stay accountable.

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I’m so tired of all of the gimmicky diet advice I see on the internet that keeps women feeling confused, inadequate and spinning their wheels. The number one thing that gets us closer to our goals is consistency in the way we eat and move our bodies. When you join me for some No Nonsense Nutrition Coaching, we’ll be using the proven methods and powerful software of Precision Nutrition. I’ll teach you how to listen to your body and manage your eating using methods that are sane, stress-free and straight forward. No gimmicks, no counting, no weighing and no Tupperware.

I’ll be opening the program to the public on September 9th to my wait list only, and I’ll be working with a maximum of 20 new clients in 2016. The program won’t open again until 2017. When you join the wait list today, I’ll be sending you a recipe book with summer salad inspirations packed with, what I call P’s and N’s: protein, produce and nutrient dense foods that will keep you satisfied and full for hours. Contact me any time with questions about the program, and grab your free download right this second, here.

My test group has been going through the program for just over a month. They’ve been focusing on habits like eating slowly, eating to 80% full and eating lean protein at every meal. I’m super-psyched about the early reviews. Here are just a couple of them:

PN coaching has been a refreshing way to look at getting lean. Its habit-based and mindful approach to nutrition feels like a long term solution to keeping healthy. The program gradually builds your skill set and confidence. With Justine’s thoughtful and motivational responses (plus the extra accountability) I’ve already seen positive changes and can only imagine what a full year will bring. So loving this program and Justine’s amazing support. I think everyone – from those with no nutrition background to athletes – could learn something from PN coaching.             – Esther L.

The Precision Nutrition program is a no-nonsense game changer. With Justine’s support in making every lesson real in my life, I feel like I’m gaining control of my eating without having to resort to a “diet”. These feel like lasting changes that I will maintain for the rest of my life. – Cindy J.