Consistent Action for the Win

Earlier this week in my newsletter I shared some stories (including a pretty personal one) with my ladies about how consistency wins. The biggest difference I see between my clients who are crushing their goals and the ones that struggle is: whether they take consistent action. I’m telling you guys: it’s all about the little things that we do day in and day out. The little things count and they make a difference. Action matters, talk does not.

Also, my inner circle got first dibs on my spring and summer class registration, which is open now, and filling up fast. If you’re in Toronto and looking for outdoor fitness options for spring and summer, you can check the schedule and get in on that here.

I’ll start by bragging a bit about a couple of my post-natal moms. I can’t help it; I swear I get as excited about their successes as they do. Both had goals related to the way that they felt in their post-natal bodies, as well as the way that they fit into their clothes. I care very much about function, but it’s also really important to me that my ladies feel comfortable in their skin so that they can go about their day and focus on the important things (like momming) instead of feeling preoccupied about their bodies. We made some small and realistic changes to the way they were eating, we added in safe and smart resistance training plus regular walking. Not 6 weeks later, both of these moms are feeling stronger, fitting into their clothes better and have lost 3-5 cm’s on every measurement. No crazy diets, no super-long cardio sessions or super heavy weights: just smart, small, manageable and consistent action every day. The moral of the story, it’s the little things that add up over time for the win. Even though they seem small, when you put them together they result in much more.

I read something from Jill Coleman that resonated with me this week: The best thing that happens when we take action: more action. YES! It’s so true that action begets action. When we start to make the healthy choices we actually start to feel physically better and better about ourselves. This might take a little time and definitely commitment to get to that point of noticing change, but sooner or later you reach the tipping point where all of those tiny actions and choices you made add up. Over time those choices and actions just become part of what you do and part of who you are and they become easy to make because you’re actually physically and emotionally feeling the outcomes. Getting started is definitely the hardest part.

If we’re going to commit to a healthy lifestyle needs to be actionable for us in the context of our own lives. In order to get started we need to bite off pieces that we can actually chew. I’d way rather you commit to 20 minutes of movement than get overwhelmed and intimidated at the idea of exercising for an hour, so you skip the workout all together. I’d way rather you make tiny changes to improve the way you eat, than go super-restrictive on a diet that’s just setting you up for failure.

To get started with consistent action we need to focus our energy on the little things that we CAN DO every-day instead making excuses about the things that we can’t do. To get consistent we need to use the time that we do have instead of stressing about the time I don’t have. I blogged about this earlier in the year, but I think getting consistent and staying consistent are the keys to success so I’ll revisit these tips:

Think small (not big).

Think good (not perfect).

Something truly IS better than nothing. For goodness sakes, when you have the choice do something over nothing.

Xo J

PS. If you’re ready for consistent action this spring, I’d love to see you. Join us this spring and summer for stroller-fit, boot camp, yoga in the park and some short + sweet metabolic workouts. E-mail me anytime with your questions. xo J

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