Healthyish Part 2: Easier said than done?

Earlier this week I was talking about finding a way of eating that’s consistent, not perfect. It’s called Healthyish.  To me, it’s an approach that balances physical and mental effort to get sustainable results. You can read that post here. I got feedback from a few of you saying that living the Healthyish lifestyle might be easier said than done. I hear you guys, and I don’t mean to oversimplify relationships that people have with food. I’m empathetic that it isn’t always so straight forward. The overarching theme here is definitely mindfulness, but we need to put that mindfulness into practice, so I wanted to give you five concrete strategies for approaching a Healthyish way of eating.

Prioritize the two P’s: Protein and Produce at every meal. That means include foods that are full of protein and eat those with produce that’s full of fiber (mostly non-starchy veggies). If you can manage to prioritize this, you won’t be starving and craving tonnes of treats all of the time. The fats (which are actually satiating and necessary part of your diet) and the other carbs will just fill in the gaps between the two P’s.

Keep the good stuff on hand: If you don’t shop for lots of protein and fiber filled foods, and you don’t have them on hand you’re surely not going to be eating them. If you have tonnes of processed foods around, that’s what you’ll be reaching for. Keep that in mind when you plan for your next grocery shop.

Healthyish eating does NOT give you licence to go crazy on all of the treats all of the time. I know, I know I’m always talking about balance. I love wine, I love scones, but those are the foods that fill in the gaps between the lean proteins and veggies and fruits. So, yes, you can eat any food you like, on any day of the week, but just remember that you can’t actually expect results when you prioritize bagels and cookies over eggs and spinach.

Practice an abundance mindset: This is a trick I learned from Jill Coleman. You want a handful of mini eggs. Great, no problem enjoy them. Actually enjoy them. Before you go ahead and eat the whole bag, remember that you can always have more later or tomorrow or next week. When we know that there’s always more where that came from we lose the urgency to eat it all right now.

The net benefit test: Again, this comes back to mindfulness. When I’m eating something that’s delicious, but maybe not the healthiest: like birthday cake for example, I like to ask myself some questions: What’s the net benefit here? How much am I actually enjoying it? Truthfully, the answer is often that the first few bites are amazing and satisfying. When we bring some mindfulness into the equation, a few bites later it’s actually kind of nauseating. Obviously the net benefit varies from person to person and in each situation, but checking in with our enjoyment and satisfaction levels can help guide better choices.

If this resonates with you, send me a quick email and let me know. Shifting your mindset and your behaviors can be challenging, but it’s doable with the right mindset and support. If healthyish appeals to you, you can download 7 FREE breakfast recipes that are totally satisfying, delicious and healthyish and you’ll also get more of my best stuff when you subscribe…see below. xo J

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