March Break: Being out of Routine

Having the kids off school for the week means a definite change of pace in the schedule for many of us. Whether you’re taking a couple days off work for play, or taking the entire week for stay-cation or even getting out of town for a bit, it’s a definite break from routine. That also means there are tonnes of easy excuses for making not-so-awesome choices with our mindset, eating and movement. Staying on top of it is a challenge, isn’t it?

In yesterday’s newsletter I got pretty personal and told my ladies 5 truths about being out of routine this break: the first one being that I’ve been drinking equal parts water, coffee and wine #becausebalance. I’m not trying to make you guys think I’m perfect all the time. Perfect is pretty impossible as far as I’m concerned and sometimes good enough is good enough. If you like the personal details, those go out along with the rest of my best stuff to my subscribers weekly. You can get in on that by subscribing here.

I want to chat more about the idea of being out of routine and share some of the hacks and insights that have been getting me through.

  1. Mindset: It’s easy to get into vacation mindset and say fuck it. I’ll get back on track next week. Would that be the end of the world? No, totally not the end of the world, buuut next week is going to be way more of a jolt back into reality after being of schedule, neglecting to move our bodies for an entire week and indulging on every treat in site. I’m opting for the vacation version of Healthyish. Is everything going to be on track as usual: probably not (unless wine at lunch-time is your usual). Taking ownership of our choices is still the name of the game though.
  1. Movement: I decided to ditch my Fitbit once we got here and try to embrace the (super-rare) down time. I’ve committed to 20 -30 minutes of gym time most days while we’re away. That includes things like metabolic resistance circuits and treadmill interval running. Truthfully, I find it way easier to get moving consistently when I know that the commitment is short and intense. No need to draw it out and spend hours training, especially if that daunting feeling is going to keep you from actually being consistent.
  1. Eating: It’s buffet-life over here in the Dominican. The kids think it’s the best thing on earth. The two year old wants ‘patas’ (French fries) at every meal and the five year old thinks juice is the new water. The food is actually really good, but the buffet mentality of ‘more is more’ just doesn’t jive with my sensibilities.  I do my best to prioritize produce and protein at every meal, but truthfully that’s not happening as often as usual while we’ve been away. I had a feeling this would be the case, so I stashed some protein bars in my suitcase when I packed. Instead of forcing myself to eat to eat things that just aren’t appealing to me, part of a protein bar in between meals is a contingency plan that’s come in handy. My favourites are Quest and Simply because they pack the most protein with the least sugar.

Navigating the middle ground when we’re out of routine can definitely be more challenging than in our everyday lives, but like I said: good enough is good enough. I hope you guys are enjoying a little fun of your own this week amidst the March Break mayhem. Xo J

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