Rebounding from Indulgence

I wanted to share with you a quote by my coach, Jill Coleman, that resonated with me big-time:

“Using one food slip up to justify a binge is like getting a crack in your phone screen and then throwing it on the ground and stomping it.”

YES! We always have choices. I should start by saying I don’t even necessarily consider an indulgence as a slip up. Personally, I consider some indulgence to be a necessity in order to navigate the middle ground between very restrictive eating behavior and overly impulsive eating behavior.

I wanted to share an example from a few weeks ago: Ace and I scored some babysitting and were kid-free for 24-hours! It’s pretty rare for us. We totally took advantage and had a blast exploring the city on an unusually hot night. My girlfriend recommended a brunch place for Sunday morning downtown and told me about the ridiculously amazing pancakes.  Sold.

I ate two of those. They were delicious. Nope, not protein pancakes. Nope, not fat loss friendly. And nope, not a cheat meal either. I also at some mixed greens, a poached egg, some smoked salmon and black coffee. I’ve talked about navigating the middle ground between overindulgence and restrictive eating before and this definitely is on the indulge side of the spectrum, but you know what: one meal isn’t a make or break for us unless we let it be.

You know what happened after brunch. We continued on our day: ran some errands, walked outside a bit. You know what didn’t happen? I didn’t gain 10 pounds or lose muscle by eating this. I didn’t stop fitting into my clothes. I don’t consider this to be slipping up or failing or falling off the wagon.

We always have the choice about what to do next: we choose to continue eating garbage all day because this day’s already a total loss. Or, we can choose to just continue on, and take the next opportunity to make a healthy choice because we know that our eating practices are generally focused on healthy habit-based methods that help us reach our goals.

The beauty of a habit-based approach is that it gives us a blue-print, not a strict plan. Things like: eating lean protein throughout the day, observing our fullness when we eat, eating lots of veggies, eating carbs intelligently, incorporating healthy fats, knowing the layout of your plate, drinking enough water, using rest to our advantage, focusing on the p’s and n’s (protein, produce and nutrient dense foods aka whole foods). When our eating practices are based on a set of habits that work for us, we know that we can always return to the blue-print and that some deviation is really no big deal at all.

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xo Justine