On Body Image

Earlier this week I shared some really personal stories with the ladies who subscribe to my newsletter. If you’ve been reading my stuff for a bit then you know I have a young daughter, and lately she’s been talking more and more about her why we eat the foods we eat or mentioning things about why we should exercise. All … Read More

The Practice of Healthyish

In last week’s newsletter, I showed my inner circle exactly what I purchased in my grocery haul and shared my meal planning for that week. If you’ve been reading my stuff for a while, you know know that I’m a big fan of imperfect eating. You’re thinking: whaaat? That makes no sense, right? It’s true though; I call it Healthyish. If … Read More

Learning to Navigate the Space Between Obsessive Eating and Impulsive Eating

This week I want to give you guys a practical way of reevaluating the way we eat.  The goal here is to learn how to navigate the space between obsessive, strict eating and impulsive, overindulgence to get to a place of balance, moderation and ENJOYMENT.  Because, if we’re not enjoying the way we’re eating, then what’s the point?! This is a … Read More

Pregnancy Week 33: Staying Hydrated

It’s week 33!  Staying hydrated can be a challenge at the best of times, and with a belly this big, it seems almost impossible to drink enough water.  This week I’m talking about the benefits of hydration.  Click here to read more on our Clubmom Blog: Life, Sweat and Lunges. xo J [bra_button text=”See Schedule” url=”https://twentytoesfitness.com/classes/schedule/” target=”_self” size=”medium” style=”rounded” color=”pink”][bra_button … Read More

Mamas on a Mission: Discovering Strength and Balance

I have LOVED sharing the stories of Mamas on a Mission throughout the months of December and January.  Check out the seventh and final post this week on our Clubmom blog: Life, Sweat & Lunges. Meet Helaina: This mom and teacher extraordinaire loves to sweat and never misses a workout! Her post shares her journey in finding a healthy balance … Read More

Breathe What’s Trending/ Wish List – Healthy In 2013

Hey Mama-birds, Check out this guest post by Twenty Toes on Homesav.com, and learn about some accessories that will make reaching your New Year’s goals just a tad more fun!  Enter to win your very own pair of RedGiant ear buds in GOLD! xoJ   [bra_button text=”See Schedule” url=”https://twentytoesfitness.com/classes/schedule/” target=”_self” size=”medium” style=”rounded” color=”pink”][bra_button text=”Sign Up” url=”https://twentytoesfitness.com/fullwidth-map-popup-box/” target=”_self” size=”medium” style=”rounded” color=”grey”][bra_button … Read More

Holiday Time Crunch – Staying Active for Moms

Hello My Multitasking Mavens, It’s December 5th, and we are all ramping up for the holiday season. It’s a time of tremendous to-do lists, maniacal mall-trips and insane indulgence with friends and family. If you’re celebrating Hanukkah, you’re going to go out of your way to eat tonnes of oily, fried foods like donuts or potato latkes.  It’s your duty, … Read More

Girly Parts – Part Two

Hello Chickies, Since we’re on the theme of ‘girly parts,’ I thought today would be a good one to talk about the dreaded UTI – urinary tract infection. We’ve all been there.  File this one under, ‘been there done that’ and ‘no thank you.’ Did you know that this nuisance is more common in women than in men…life can be so … Read More