Extreme Dieting vs. Healthy Habits

Have you guys been following the news on the weight regain of The Biggest Loser contestants this week? None of it surprises me. Most often when we see people lose huge amounts of weight very quickly, we also see them gradually regain that weight over time. This link talks more about the contestants and  the reasons why this is happening. … Read More

My Top Convenience Foods

You guys know that I’m all about consistency over perfection, and sometimes that means WE NEED SHORTCUTS. The hard way isn’t always the better way! Even though I like cooking, I’m not too proud to admit that sometimes life just gets too busy to do it all from scratch. I’m not about to reveal a secret list you’ve never heard of … Read More

Consistent Action for the Win

Earlier this week in my newsletter I shared some stories (including a pretty personal one) with my ladies about how consistency wins. The biggest difference I see between my clients who are crushing their goals and the ones that struggle is: whether they take consistent action. I’m telling you guys: it’s all about the little things that we do day … Read More

On Body Image

Earlier this week I shared some really personal stories with the ladies who subscribe to my newsletter. If you’ve been reading my stuff for a bit then you know I have a young daughter, and lately she’s been talking more and more about her why we eat the foods we eat or mentioning things about why we should exercise. All … Read More

March Break: Being out of Routine

Having the kids off school for the week means a definite change of pace in the schedule for many of us. Whether you’re taking a couple days off work for play, or taking the entire week for stay-cation or even getting out of town for a bit, it’s a definite break from routine. That also means there are tonnes of … Read More

Healthyish 3: Move Your Body More

If you’ve been following along over the past couple of weeks I’ve been talking about learning how to live a Healthyish lifestyle and how it applies to the way that we eat. In case you missed it, I got some feedback from you guys that maybe it’s easier said than done, so I wrote a follow-up on the blog with … Read More

Healthyish Part 2: Easier said than done?

Earlier this week I was talking about finding a way of eating that’s consistent, not perfect. It’s called Healthyish.  To me, it’s an approach that balances physical and mental effort to get sustainable results. You can read that post here. I got feedback from a few of you saying that living the Healthyish lifestyle might be easier said than done. … Read More

The Practice of Healthyish

In last week’s newsletter, I showed my inner circle exactly what I purchased in my grocery haul and shared my meal planning for that week. If you’ve been reading my stuff for a while, you know know that I’m a big fan of imperfect eating. You’re thinking: whaaat? That makes no sense, right? It’s true though; I call it Healthyish. If … Read More

Super Simple Weeknight Meals: Turkey + Broccoli Stirfry

Earlier this week I showed my inner circle exactly what I bought in this week’s grocery haul and I also told them what my weekly plan is for this week’s meals.  My inner circle gets all of my best stuff every Monday. If you’re not on the list, you can sign up here. I got a few requests to share … Read More