Healthyish Part 2: Easier said than done?

Earlier this week I was talking about finding a way of eating that’s consistent, not perfect. It’s called Healthyish.  To me, it’s an approach that balances physical and mental effort to get sustainable results. You can read that post here. I got feedback from a few of you saying that living the Healthyish lifestyle might be easier said than done. … Read More

The Practice of Healthyish

In last week’s newsletter, I showed my inner circle exactly what I purchased in my grocery haul and shared my meal planning for that week. If you’ve been reading my stuff for a while, you know know that I’m a big fan of imperfect eating. You’re thinking: whaaat? That makes no sense, right? It’s true though; I call it Healthyish. If … Read More

Busy Mama Struggle: How on Earth Do I Fit it All In?

Here’s one of the main struggles you guys have shared with me recently: “How on earth do I fit it all in? I’m super busy with my career and family and I find it nearly impossible to do what I need to do to make progress with my goals.” I hear you guys, and trust me, there are days that … Read More

Nutrition – Little Things Make a Big Difference

I just love this guest post from Arja Pennanen Lytle, Holistic Nutritionist, mom and owner of Balance Body & Soul Nutrition. She teaches us to get back to the basics, and has some tips for small changes in our diet that can make a big difference.  Enjoy! xoJ It’s February, and though many people started the year with the best of … Read More