The Grind – Revisited.

The kids are back at school, winter break is over and it’s back to the grind this week! We were away on a family road trip last week – so much fun, so tiring! We were totally out of routine: no naps, lots of car rides, exclusively eating in restaurants, car-snacking and truthfully prioritizing fun and family. It happens and it’s no big deal; living life trumps meal planning and training schedules sometimes. Now we’re back home and right back to normal life.

It can be stressful, anticlimactic, and sometimes boring to return the grind after a great break or vacation. I’m going to argue that the grind is actually a good thing, though. Sure, we have the necessary scheduling: work, school, kids programming and sometimes those tasks can feel like punching a time-clock. BUT, the grind is also the place where we *get to* practice: get back to our regular exercise, meal planning, mindfulness, and recovery. Maybe you have a breakfast routine that you look forward to every morning, perhaps you’re into a mindfulness practice or even a sleep routine that’s comforting and helps to re-energize you. Whatever those habits are that actually make you feel really good, healthy, strong and unstoppable – those things are the things we can get refocused on now.

When we’re back into the grind we can really settle in, practice, think about what works well and master those things. Mastery leads to automation and automation decreases our stress. We might even be able to identify some of the things that aren’t serving us and experiment with something new. That’s where the growth happens.

This is, of course, a mindset shift and a choice. Instead of extreme measures and expecting quick-results: it’s all about loving the journey, the process and the grind. Getting started is as simple as choosing one habit you’d like to work on, and then diving a little deeper into it every day. Need to eat more vegetables? Prepare an afternoon snack for yourself of sliced veggies. Have it ready for when your afternoon cravings hit. Do it every day until it becomes natural, and something you even look forward to. THEN, and only then, onto the next. Master it. Automate it. Move on to the next.

My No Nonsense Nutrition clients have told me that this habit-based approach has taken the stress of constantly worrying about what they can/can’t/should/shouldn’t eat. It’s removed the guilt and stress from the equation. The best part of all: the physical results are almost never the focus of the conversation, they’re the P.S. at the end (as in P.S. I’ve lost 18 lbs. so far).

I plan to share some of this magic with you over the coming weeks, so stay tuned for that. For now, if you’re ready to join the wait list for the 2017 No Nonsense Nutrition series you can do that here – the 2016 series sold out in just a few days! When you join the wait list, I’ll send my Healthy Salads Inspiration download right to your inbox.

Xo Justine

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