The Practice of Healthyish

In last week’s newsletter, I showed my inner circle exactly what I purchased in my grocery haul and shared my meal planning for that week. If you’ve been reading my stuff for a while, you know know that I’m a big fan of imperfect eating. You’re thinking: whaaat? That makes no sense, right? It’s true though; I call it Healthyish. If you want the inside scoop (like pictures of the inside of my fridge), you can sign up for my weekly newsletter here.

In my world, Healthyish is a state of mind that allows me to navigate the space between food restriction/obsession and full out impulsiveness. Healthyish is a mindset that allows me to actually like the way I eat: mostly healthy, sometimes not, but always enjoyed and never with guilt. My favourite fitness guru, Jill Coleman says, you can be consistent OR you can be perfect, but you can’t be both. That really resonates with me. What’s the point of being perfect if you can only do it for a finite period of time? What’s the point of being perfect and feeling physically great some of the time (although likely mentally exhausted) to be followed by the broken streak of perfection filled with guilt, self loathing and yo-yo-ing in physique outcomes.  That’s just too much of a mental and physical energy expenditure. So not worth it.

Striving for sustainability over perfection is what gets us where we need to go in the long-term: no end dates.  Sustainability helps balance mental effort and physical effort with long-term outcomes.

I should be a bit more specific about my version of Healthyish. It includes: mostly home cooked foods that are definitely delicious, focusing on protein and plants first. The ‘other’ carbohydrates and also fats are very easy to get enough of (or too much of) so they aren’t really a focus, they just fill the gaps in between. I say no to weighing and no to measuring. I say yes to listening to our bodies, yes to satisfaction and yes to finding a way of eating that can be replicated every day of the week.

Here’s the thing though: learning to eat in a sustainable way definitely doesn’t happen overnight. It’s definitely a practice of adopting new healthy habits into our routines over time.  For instance, we might start with making sure we’re drinking enough water throughout the day. Once we master that, we can incorporate something else, like eating vegetables at every meal. Once that becomes effortless adding on more, like eating protein at every meal and snack. Always keeping in mind: The goal isn’t perfection, it’s consistency.

Here are three lessons that I’ve learned about eating a healthty-ish diet:

  • The smallest of changes CAN AND DO snowball into bigger changes.
  • The place between food obsession and overindulgence is where we find sustainability. Even if that means eating a few Tostitos or drinking a glass of wine to maintain balance and take the edge off.
  • Willpower and self-control can only take you so far. If you don’t allow yourself some of the foods you like, you’re going to dive face first into whatever treats (that leftover pie) you have hanging around

If this resonates with you, send me a quick email and let me know. Shifting your mindset and your behaviors can be challenging, but it’s doable with the right mindset and support. If healthyish appeals to you, you can download 7 FREE breakfast recipes that are totally satisfying, delicious and healthyish…see below. xo J

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