The things that matter

All the noise and nonsense out there in internet-land about healthy eating can be dizzying and confusing and can totally stop us in our tracks. It can be overwhelming and make us feel confused and inadequate. Some examples of what I consider to be nonsense: waist trainers to ‘make our midsections smaller’, shake-based diets, any diet that isn’t customized to your specific body’s needs, the ‘you ate it negate it strategy’ (ugh), the ‘nothing tastes as good as skinny feels mentality’ (which is total BS), diets where you cut out entire food groups, diets that you can’t maintain as easily every day of the week, images of Tupperware filled with steamed broccoli, brown rice and chicken breast all lined up for the week, ‘fitspo’ of super-tanned-muscular-lean people.  For most of us, this stuff just doesn’t resonate or fit with our lifestyle.

Learning to eat well for our own bodies doesn’t have to be so complicated, confusing and filled with shame ad doubt. The process should make us feel good about ourselves, not awful!

My amazing coach, Jill Coleman, taught me to focus on the ‘big rocks’ and not to stress about the fine details when it comes to my eating. I fell in love with this strategy, because it’s almost too simple.  As a Precision Nutrition certified coach, I love how this fits seamlessly with a habit-based living approach. What does this mean? We need to focus our effort and energy on a few things that really move the dial for us and keep us consistent, and then let the cards fall where they will, the rest of the time. It’s a real ‘progress, not perfection’ perspective. Let me give some examples of this, and keep in mind that your list could look way different than mine.

Over time I’ve refined my big 3 dial movers to:

  1. Eat protein at every meal.
  2. Eat vegetables at every meal.
  3. Drinking lots of water.

These are the big three boxes that I want to check every day (for now). They are the big three things that keep me consistent and able to maintain my eating in a way that’s relatively effortless.  Of course I’m always tinkering with new habits to see how they make me feel and that’s what No Nonsense Nutrition Coaching is all about: Trying on some different lifestyle habits and strategies and then choosing the ones that work in the context of our own lives. Finding customized solutions to the challenges that we face daily. I’m super excited to open No Nonsense Nutrition coaching on September 9th for just a few days of registration, and looking forward to working closely with just a small group of women – if you’re not on the wait list, you can sign up here and you’ll be the first to know when registration is open 😉

When I give my focus to the big 3, I can stop stressing about the little things that really don’t make a huge difference anyways. Some of the things I like to give zero F’s about: salad dressing on my salads, a sprinkle of full fat cheese on a meal, a piece of baguette here and there, an ice cream cone with my kids once in a while. These are all things that I do sometimes, and they’re things that cause me no stress because in the grand scheme of things, these once in a while events really don’t matter. What matters WAY more is the consistency with your big 3.

If you’re tired of nonsense and noise and you’re ready to tinker with your eating and find strategies that feel good for you, I want you to join me in September for No Nonsense Nutrition Coaching. Together we’ll get focused, no shortcuts, only real food and real strategies work. Email me any time with questions:  xo Justine


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