What promises have you made for 2018?

Goals, Intentions, Resolutions, a word or phrase – whatever you promised yourself for this year, how’s it going for you? While I totally believe that any day is a great day to get started with making positive change, as a I coach I also feel that we should ride the motivation wave when possible, which includes New Years.  However, by week two of January, many of us are starting to lose some motivation and those intentions may be flagging a bit.

No sweat, I’ve got you covered: my favourite FREE challenge of the year, Mission Nutrition, is coming to a closed Facebook group on Monday February 5th. This is going to be 5 days of education on the key habits you’ll need if you want to get leaner and reduce your stress around food. Mission Nutrition leads into my signature program, No Nonsense Nutrition Academy, which launches just ONE time per year. It is much more than nutrition, and it’s the real deal if you’re looking for lasting fat loss and ready to find your forever lifestyle.

If you missed it last year, or if you’ve promised yourself that 2018 is going to be your year for health and wellness you don’t want to miss this FREE challenge. We’ll be talking fat loss fact and fiction, the great carb debate and getting honest about emotional eating – a struggle that comes up for SO many of the women I work with. The challenge is completely free and it’s a great way to learn in No Nonsense Nutrition Academy is right for you: Join us here! 

In the past I made resolutions and goals, but for the last two years I’ve experimented with a variation on this: choosing a single word or phrase to guide my actions. Last year my word was YES, and this year my phrase is Here, now! If you read my last (and very personal) blog post of 2017, you know that I’ve struggled really hard with feeling present. Some days I’ve felt like a shitty mom, other days I’ve felt unfocused in my work. Basically I spent a lot of time dwelling in self-doubt and inadequacy. This experience has shaped my phrase for 2018.

Here, now! Is way of giving myself permission to be fully present in whatever task I’m doing. When I’m momming, I’m with my kids; I don’t have to worry about work. When I’m working, I don’t have to feel guilty that I’m not being a great mom to the kids. This is a phrase that’s giving me permission to be present and focused wherever I am now so that I can let go of the feelings of inadequacy that kept my mind swirling in 2017. Did you make resolutions this year, choose an intention or a word? As a coach, I’m always intrigued – shoot me a quick email and tell me about it and how it’s going so far!
xo Justine

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